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Profile of  Yew Kam Keong, Ph.D (Dr. YKK), Chief Mind Unzipper



Acknowledged as a Distinguished Talent on Creativity & Innovation by the Australian Federal Government, best-selling author and masterful storyteller ,Dr YKK is a captivating international  speaker, trainer, laughter guru, best-selling author and innovation consultant to businesses.

Dr.YKK was the only person from among the British Commonwealth countries to be selected to serve on the panel of international creativity expert advisers to the famous toy company, Lego on its global project “The Next Generation Forum”.

Dr.YKK has diverse interests and keeps himself updated in global developments, especially in business innovations, IT and technology advancements. He has developed an innovation methodology  called Copycat innovation that taps into the power of the global brain through the of the internet.

Recognised worldwide for his creativity and innovation expertise, former Mensa member Dr YKK serves as a resource person to multinationals, government agencies, professional organisations,  and SME’s for the following services:

  • deliver keynote speeches
  • conduct creativity & innovation workshops
  • facilitate idea-generating sessions
  • establish a creative & innovative culture
  • enhance innovation in the public service
  • solve business problems

Copycat innovation

This is Dr.YKK’s signature program. Copycat Innovation is about adapting a proven solution to come out with an innovation thereby minimizing risk and optimizing success. In short, it is about taking what works best and improving on it.

Copycat Innovation is not about a full-scale imitation of an existing product, service or process  as  creativity and innovation are required for its adaptation.  Dr. YKK has developed a 7-step methodology for it.

Copycat Innovation is not to be confused with copyright or patent infringement. It takes advantage of the R&D carried out earlier and involves the borrowing and developing of existing products and technologies to carve a competitive niche in the marketplace.


Dr. Yew Kam Keong , better known as Dr.YKK, the Chief Mind Unzipper  will lead you through the Copycat Innovation process in a fun, participative and stimulating way. He will help you to bring out viable and practical innovation for your organisation. A word of warning though – you may never think the same way again!

Unleash Your Creativity

Described as an energetic speaker and provocative mind unzipper, Dr. YKK has worked with the world’s largest organisation of CEOs and advised prominent Associations the world-over. His wide international exposure and diverse work experience enables him to connect with his audience.

Creative Strategies

With more than 30 years working with government, the corporate sector and professional bodies, Dr YKK shares his principles, provides practical techniques and involves participants in the fundamentals of business innovation.

Pre-strategy planning sessions are an invaluable exercise in lateral thinking and act like a catalyst that elevates corporate planning to a new level. Managers are then more enthusiastic and better equipped.

You will leave the session with a newfound confidence and skills that will allow you to stand out from the competition!

Best-selling author

Dr.YKK has authored 10 books on creativity. His best-selling book. “You Are Creative- Let Your Creativity Bloom” is now into its 16th printing and translated into 5 languages.

Dr.YKK has trademarked his 7-Step Copycat Innovation System that fast-tracks innovation with minimum risk and using the least  money, time, efforts and resources. To get a 8-page report on this subject, please go to  or send an email to


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