Facebook Greatest Success Secret : Its Copycat Innovation Strategy

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Facebook greatest success secret is to copy the  best ideas freely, unashamedly, give it a twist and then executive them to near perfection.

Facebook datamine  the web  in search of useful  technology, then ruthlessly incorporates the best features into Facebook.

Facebook success has been attributed to its ability to assimilate popular and time-tested features around the Web. Some of facebook’s imitation features include: Deals  from Groupon, mobile chatting with a group of friends from GroupMe, check-ins from Foursquare, and Questions  from Quora and Subscribe button  from Twitter.

Thus , it can seen that Facebook true genius lie in its brilliant execution of Copycat Innovation. By copying proven time-tested features, Facebook gives the best to its members. No wonder Facebook has such a large devout following of close to a billion members.

This imitation strategy increases Facebook’s stranglehold on the social network market and weakens its rivals. However, it is not just copycatting that is responsible for Facebook’s success, otherwise anyone could have done it. It’s timing, execution and seamless integration.

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